Game Design – „You and the Night“

My goal was to create a small video game. I learned how to use the Unity Engine and it’s visual scripting language to create custom functions. Being a big fan of 90s video games and PlayStation aesthetics, I decided to emulate the gritty and pixelated look of these games and the limitations of the old graphics processing unit.

The overall production time of „You and the Night“ was about five months. The final game is a short and atmospheric first-person walking simulator, that takes place in an (almost) abandoned town. I released the short game for free on, accompanied by a small marketing campaign on Twitter. Up till today around 2.000 people downloaded it and played „You and the Night“.

Gas station in the fog

The main location of the game

A small hint to the TV show „Twin Peaks“

The player has to solve small puzzles to proceed in the game

I used environmental storytelling like notes and letters to explain the story

The combination of lighting and sound builds an eerie atmosphere

Every asset was created solely for this game

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