UI Design – Klang

Overview, Context and Objective

Klang was a personal project that I did to improve my UI skills. During my UX program at CareerFoundry I learned some basic UI principles. My goal was to deepen my knowledge in this field and to get some additional practice. For that I did a lot of reading on UI design principles and studied various best practices.

Process and Approach

I started with a competitve analysis and looked at other music apps. After that I started sketching some wireframes for the features that I had in mind.

After creating the inital low-fidelity wireframes I moved on to mid-fidelity wireframes. I created these using Adobe XD.

Creating satisfying high-fidelity screens was a challenge, where I learned a lot on the way. I spend a long time looking for the right color palette and for appealing and easy-to-read fonts and icons.

Visual Style Sheet

Duration and Credits

I started and finished this project in the last week of October 2020. I was responsible for all the previously mentioned steps.


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